Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Zumba programs

Zumba programs are for everybody, regardless of age, gender, fitness level or dance ability. If someone is moving and having FUN, he/she is doing it right! I am sure that any Zumba class will cover your expectations depending of your objectives and remember while you are learning dance steps, memorizing them, putting them into combinations, paying attention to the instructor,keeping your distance from the people around you, you are exercising all muscles and bones in your body and burning almost 600 calories in one hour.

Since you can practice Zumba in you home or go to gym or other place to take a class you can consider some aspects to decide if one program is the best for you:  

Zumba®- Zumba Fitness: The majority of people practice this. Its is easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating.

Zumba Gold®- Zumba Gold: This program modifies the moves the needs if the active older people.

Zumba® Toning
- Zumba Toning: If you need your body sculpting. This class raises your bar. 

Zumba®- Aqua Zumba: It integrates Zumba formula with traditional aqua fitness exercises.

Zumba®- Zumbatomic: This program is designed for kids between 4 and 12 years.

Zumba®- Zumba in the circuit: It is a 30 minutes class that combines a series of strength exercises at timed intervals with moves of Zumba dance.

Zumba®- Zumba sentao:  This is a chai-based choreography to strengthen, balance and stabilize you core, and step up your cardio work in a whole new way.

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