Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is Zumba for Me?

Afew minutes ago, I finished my Zumba class and I worked up a sweat and had a blast doing it. While I was driving to my house, I thought if Zumba is just for me and I have some reasons to adopt it as my regular exercise routine:

1. One of the most common complaints about working out is that it's boring. Zumba incorporates moves from a variety of dance styles. But Zumba is more than just a good time. It also incorporates fitness interval training and resistance training to promote fat burning and total body toning. 

2.  Zumba classes allow me to reach my ideal weight and stay healthy. It  improves my mood and decress my stress.

3. It is a family therapy. Some afternoonswhen the latin music sounds, my entire family dances and spent a lot of time together.
If traditional workout routines bore you, maybe you should give Zumba a try. Its moves are easy to master, even if you've never danced before. And it provides a workout that rivals most machines at the gym. So instead of slaving away on the treadmill or stationery bike, try dancing those unwanted pounds away!

This video contains the first steps of Zumba to beginners. It includes the steps to dance cumbia, salsa, belly dance and more. I hope that you enjoy it and motivate you. TRY IT!



  1. I am ready!! You are very convincing. Hope to give it a try during break week. I now understand enough to ask about beginner classes. What else should I look for to evaluate if one program is better than another?