Saturday, March 9, 2013

Zumba classes in Las Vegas

Zumba classes are being offer through out the Las Vegas Valley. Some classes are offer at a gym, and others in a ball room set up.  Some people prefer buy DVD and practice by themselves at home. But for all of you that prefer have classes in group I can suggest some places.

Zumba Classes Are Available In The Following places:

Web site
Las Vegas Athletic Club
5 locations
Anytime Fitness
11 locations
The Ymca
4 locations
24 Hours Fitness
9 locations
The Z Spot
1 location
City Athletic Club
1 location
Zumba with Mireyda
1 location

Classes run any where from: $5:00 up to the consumer's pocket and in some places the first class is FREE! 

Zumba is fun and exciting. What a re you waiting for? Try Zumba today.

You can see more of this exciting workout in this site and hope Zumba inspires you Zumba Dance Video


  1. Have you ever attended one of the events on the strip. They are amazing. They also have a variety of classes and events at the YMCA around Las Vegas to benefit charitable non-profit organizations. Usually they are two hours long and may have a cost of $10 to $20 dollars, but it's well worth the effort (and sweat). We've had events that have raised $2,000 or more for childhood diabetes. As a side note, anyone can try these locations for free....see how you like them first before you join.

  2. I have never attended one of the events on the strip now that you left me know I'll be more careful the next event even if through a contribution, you can help to others.

  3. I am coming to Vegas the weekend of Dec 6 thru the 9th. We are staying at Planet Hollywood. Do you have any suggestions for Zumba on the strip near us?? my email is