Sunday, March 3, 2013

Healthy Benefits of Zumba

Zumba is considered a fitness program. It is a great alternative to traditional fitness program and whether you practice alone or take a class in group you could see the following benefits:

Cardiovascular health - Zumba increases the strength of your heart because it uses songs that play around 145 beats per minute and set you on the path to true aerobic exercise.

Burn calories and weight lost - It has been shown that an hour of Zumba burns between 300 to 1000 calories.

Full body workout - In a Zumba class all the muscles and bones of your body from head to toe will move and if you practice three or five times a week not only it improves your coordination and posture but also increases your confidence.

Stress release - Zumba is considered a mental exercise that releases you of inhibitions.

It is a social activity - Some people go to Zumba class for therapy and a Zumba class is a great way to meet new people. You can bring your friends to the party.

It makes people happy - Burning calories releases endorphin that makes people feel in good mood.

Finally, I recommend you take a Zumba class, you get fit and healthy while have fun


  1. It sounds like Zumba would be a great cardio workout instead of running on an eliptical or treadmill. I think am too self conscious to actually to do it and dance in front of people. I'm not the most coordinated person.

  2. Zumba; is not about knowing how to do dance or how to do well the exercise. It's more about having fun as doing the exercise. The movement's are simple and the person who's at front is the instructor the exercise are done together as a group. I will be posting videos so you can have an idea on how zumba is done.

  3. I would have to differ with Diana and agree with Sherwin... I think in order to do Zumba you would have to be coordinated and know how to dance. Unfortunately I was not blessed with either of those skills. I'm intrigued about Zumba since it looks exciting and a great way to stay in shape. Maybe if I did a Zumba DVD at home so that I could get the exercise without feeling humility. I am looking forward to seeing your videos you post.

  4. Believe me. You do not need to be a good dancer or have experience to dancing to try it. Most instructors say that you should not worry about getting everything right, and that you should just have fun. The sequences in Zumba are relatively easy to follow and everyone was basically following the steps and nobody notices or cares when someone else goofs.